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I also have a WSUS Server i point client servers to which i decided to point some Windows 10 lab machines at.Neither of which were working to support Windows 10.There are commands you can run to try to manipulate the Windows Update Client, however i have not seen any command that magically made a client device refresh status to WSUS before it was ready.This includes /resetauthorization and /detectnow switches for the tool.We have to purge these updates out of the WSUS Database, which requires declining them deleting them and removing them from the DB using SQL Commands, once the hotfixes have been installed we can then download the updates again.

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Even though my Surface is running 1607 and i was expecting WSUS to show 1703 was needed, because i had set Defer Upgrades it wasn’t showing up as a needed update in WSUS.If your WSUS is already in working order, your Windows 10 machines should be registering, but, will likely show no status for updates.This again is related to processing time, but, simply lowering the frequency is not enough due to the differences in how the Windows Update Client now works.First thing we need to do is make sure your server is patched to support Windows 10. KB3159706 includes manual steps to complete, which are: You may find these changes are already present, if not enter those highlighted, and save the file. We need to make some adjustments to IIS which we can do with Power Shell.The following will update, the Wsus App Pool (Wsus Pool) memory usage and CPU settings, the Client Web Service http Runtime settings and adds a new MIME Type.

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