Workplace dating wrong

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The more open and candid employees can be with those in authority, the easier it’ll be to avoid any serious problems.For example, when Bamboo employees disclose their relationships to our HR department, our reps make sure to explain that the couple will be treated as individuals and that their partner’s actions—and their relationship in general—will have no effect on their own work.

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Some people will say ‘absolutely under no circumstances should you ever date a co-worker.

Whether you decide to discourage office romances or not (totally your call), forbidding them altogether will not prevent them from happening; it’ll just force employees to break the rules and keep their relationships private.

You’ll be much better off to accept that they will happen and encourage employees to discuss workplace relationships with HR reps and supervisors—especially when the relationships become serious.

Then again, some notable romance disasters began with workplace dating, so it’s important know what makes office romances succeed – and what makes them fail.

If you have you got your eye on a co-worker but don’t know whether you should make a move, proceed carefully.

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