Who is somaya reece dating from terror squad

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I have no idea what happened because I did have a lot of story to add yet I don’t see it on the show. There was so much you didn’t see this season, my life is on fast forward right now with great stuff happening and they showed none of it. I'm not a reality tv fan but I think I'm going to start watching this joint.. This is the second time she has instigated some type of mess.

Last night when Erica went in on Juelz all Yancy said was "wait a minute, that's my brother" and then laughed. Also what in the hell made Olivia think she had the right to go to Tierra and advise her as to what type of friend and advice she should give to Emily? If Em is her girl and she was so concerned, then she should tell her herself. However, I think Yandy was the wrong one for bringing Erica around Kimbella when she knew she felt a certain type of way about her. She was trying to make sure she had her stay on the show.

If someone was truly my friend and a bitch sat there talked about them, I am going to check their fucking ass right then and there and let them know the bizness! That's like throwing rocks and then hiding your hands. She was ridiculous coming out her face as soon as she met the girl. YANDY is a SHIT starter she know exactly what she be doing then she sit there like she stuck on stupid saying "I dont know what happened" I be wanting to just jump in the TV shake her and be like bish YOU are what happened!!!

I think they have a past but I didnt like how Yandy sat her instigator ass down there and just let it pop off without interfering earlier on. ummmm i seen da fight i wudnt say Erica won , i mean it wasnt even a good fight ..Erica face was messed up Kim had scratches but they both look pretty messed up ...i jus think Erica was trying to get some face time on t.v Erica was wrong plain and simple... » EXCLUSIVE: The Black Girl Love Fest At Black Girls Rock!

You even have sites like World Star that prompt people to tape videos showing violence and crimes for "internet fame".

lol I just hate how everyone has to constantly 'convince' Jim why he should put a ring on Chrissy's hand. YBF should also use greater care when posting these things because they are also promoting violence against women and helping perpetuate this TRASHY type of behavior. This past Holiday we have seen so much more VIOLENCE just shopping for things There were brawls and fights and all types of discord.

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