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Tracie had taken his phone and rental car, Clint said through tears. Clint’s announcement, which caused at least one viewer to gasp, occurred during Friday night’s episode of Love After Lockup on WE TV.

“But we don’t manufacture anything that you’re seeing.”That philosophy of noninterference even includes not suggesting to a Season 1 cast member, James, that his girlfriend, Alla, who had been in prison for heroin trafficking, had relapsed.

With little marketing, Love After Lockup has become a word-of-mouth hit, inspiring Facebook and Reddit discussion groups, and trending on Twitter each week.

Its seven-episode first season, which aired early in 2018, was the fastest-growing new reality series on cable last year.“Probably by the third week in the first season, we were like, ‘Wow, this has grown every single week!

In one instance, non-con Scott, who is dating Lizzie, told her daughter that he had sent Lizzie ,000 while she was in prison — and yes, he knew Lizzie was using the money for drugs.

In another story, the recently incarcerated Brittany secretly brought her prison girlfriend to the hotel where she was staying with her non-con fiancé, Marcelino — and did not tell him.

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