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Most of us can remember a time when homosexual marriage was outright illegal in the United States, with the first same-sex marriage taking place coming up on just 15 years ago, on May 17th, of 2004.It wouldn’t be until later, under the Obama administration, that marriage between same-sex couples became legal in all 50 states.Amongst them was a man who was into virtual realities and had claimed to have some sort of business there. While other men in the discussion got either enthusiastic about possibilities and went on about how this would break “the power of women” or were neutral to the subject, more or less made fun of it or rejected the idea, he was pretty quiet.Later when i caught him alone I asked him why that was and after a bit of back and forth he came out with the following: His virtual business was: he was renting out virtual avatars for virtual sex.Before that, many believed that same-sex marriage would never be legal or otherwise legitimate.Are we perhaps doing the same thing with digisexuals?What rights will they have and what rights will their owners have?

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While going stong in male demand, employees were unreliable with their working times and he could not meet the demand, which of course frustrated the customers.It’s believed that this will result in an increasing disparity between love, or domestic partnership, and sex, as people begin to untangle those two elements of their lives.I have my personal doubts about this, seeing as many people prefer to have these two elements from the same source.All in all he did not make the amount of money he expected.After talking to some of his customers he the idea that avatars, who could be steered by the customer would be more efficient, financially attractive for him, even if he would lower the price and quite successfull because they would totally do what the customer wants at the speed the customer wants it.

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