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The chat solution is inbuilt with Web RTC signaling where making high-quality video/audio calls to any user at any time is made simple.Contus Fly offers to make video/audio calls to “N” number of users regardless of the cost/minute usage.Grab your Twilio Account SID from your account dashboard, generate a Video Configuration Profile and take note of the SID and finally generate an API Key and Secret.

There are many “hello world” examples of Web Components, so we’re going to build something a bit trickier today, a video chat widget using Twilio Video.

These callbacks are useful for adding and removing behaviour, markup and content. To get into the contents of our element, we need to learn about the last two facets of Web Components.

It might be tempting to generate the HTML contents of our custom element in Java Script, but in reality that’s unwieldy and there is a better way.

From grandparents wanting to connect with their grandchildren, and meetings that have to be held up through conferencing video calls, video chat apps like Skype are at its forefront of the video calling revolution.

It’s quite indigestible that the fact behind Skype’s market value, it worths .5 billion.

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