Updating to a database from a datalist template field southern singles speed dating

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Data Grid Command Event Args e) private void data Grid_Delete Command(object source, System.

Data Grid Command Event Args e) private void data Grid_Edit Command(object source, System.

Data Grid Page Changed Event Args e) displays two additional link button columns Edit and Deletefor each row.

You have a property in the Data List control called Repeat Direction that can be used to customize the layout of the control.

As an example, imagine what would happen if there is a field called Address in our Employee table having data of large size and you are displaying the data using a Repeater, a Data Grid, or a Grid View control.

You will not be able to display columns of such large data sizes with any of these controls as the display would look awkward. In a sense, you can think the Data List control as a combination of the Data Grid and the Repeater controls.

You can use the inbuilt features like selecting and updating data when using the Data Source ID property.

Note that you need to write custom code for selecting and updating data to any data source that implements the ICollection and IEnumerable data sources. The next section discusses how you can handle the events in the Data List control.

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