Updating the n95

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Many people have had problems with their N95 screen, which can invert in colour, appear upside down, the colors can also appear distorted with high pinks greens and finally a multi coloured noise speckle.I tried to reset the ribbon but found that it didn't entirely cure my problem , So i took it to a Nokia repair centre who did it free of charge.But in the process i found some useful tips for removing N95 covers.A) The Four Screws are located on the underside of the top slider. or another basic way There is a simple fix to this particular problem.There is also speculation that using photographs taken by the user with the N95 as the background in the multimedia menu, then deleting them, also triggers the bug, but this is yet to be proven.

updating the n95-46

updating the n95-24

updating the n95-78

updating the n95-73

Failing this, a hard reset should definitely do the trick.where there are tutorials and downloads for tools to hack your phone.The tests were originally on N82 & N73 but they were found to work on N95 too, but this does depend on the firmware you have.have found some useful fix's let me know and we can use this space to help others.Opening up your phone will invalidate your warranty and any repairs are done at your own risk if you are unsure i recommend just take it to a Nokia repair centre!

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