Updating old brick house exteriors

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AFTER: Our house now with painted aluminium windows and rendered walls.

Replacing the gate with a garage door made a big difference too (and makes us feel less worried about snakes getting into the back garden! Mr Nerd and I hadn’t been in our house long when we realised the windows in our house brought the whole place down. Because our windows were in good condition (just ugly as hell) we decided to have a go at spray-painting them first instead.

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"Both have benefits but to be sure that the colour of your tile lasts forever, terracotta is the premium to choose. Its like having a ceramic plate where the colour gets backed into the tile and the colour doesn’t fade." Roof by Monier Roofing. We painted our faded, worn-looking driveway – it’s a project that is inexpensive, relatively easy and takes less than a day – my kind of DIY project. I’ve even added potted plants to the rooms in our house.Unfortunately we did this in the days before House Nerd so I didn't take proper before photos (always take TONS of before photos, nerds!) and the photos Mr Nerd did he deliberately and evilly took as I was bending over and you can see butt crack and so I'm not going to put those up here.Love to hear your front-of-house fixer-upper ideas if you have any!I received sponsorship from Monier Roofing for this post.

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