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The key is to keep it short and to the point in order to prompt the reader each time he or she reads your messages.The signature file will then be appended to any message you post on a newsgroup.Monitoring the newsgroup for a period of time prior to posting is also recommended, in order to ensure you are reaching the correct audience and not ruffling any feathers.Newsgroups can be a useful source of information about competitors.Newsgroups also tend to be noncommercial (although commercial newsgroups do exist), so it is crucial that participants become aware of a group's purpose, makeup, and rules of etiquette. A moderated newsgroup is monitored by an administrator who may screen posts to the group, on the basis of appropriateness of content. Articles posted by users appear "as is." Prior to joining or posting to a newsgroup, review its file of frequently asked questions, also known as an FAQ.In addition, some newsgroups will have a charter, which establishes the newsgroup's purpose and general rules.Use the subject line to clarify the topic of the post.

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Usenet does not allow commercial messages, and no advertising is allowed for most individual newsgroups.

According to Jill and Matthew Ellsworth, authors of , newsgroups are "popular for postings of business networking opportunities, including opportunities to form business partnerships." For a small business looking to expand, newsgroups offer the kind of information distribution that normally only big money can buy.

The Ellsworths suggest that prior to posting a message with commercial content, a small business user should begin by participating in a discussion with well reasoned and to the point comments.

At the minimum, a signature file should include an individual's name, company name, and contact information, including e-mail address and URL.

The signature file can also be used as a brief advertisement for a company.

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