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After two or three messages, however, the decoy "reveals" that she's not 26, but fourteen.

At that point, about 50 percent of the respondents stop communicating, Green says.

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On the Facebook video from Saturday, Green opens by telling the man that he's not a cop, but then adds, "I work with police." Then Green really lays into him: "The fuck are you thinking man?

On Saturday night, Green admits, he lost his composure.

The most prominent, NBC's To Catch a Predator, had just a two-year run from 2006 to 2008 before being canceled in the wake of a target, a prosecutor, committing suicide.

The Internet group NBC worked with, Perverted Justice, had a track record predating the show, and boasted more than 100 convictions. Beyond the civil rights issues, an expert later told the New Republic, it was simply dangerous.

In the span of little more than a week, Green has confronted multiple targets in parking lots, berating and shaming them in front of a growing online audience.

In one case, in Texas, the target left the scene in police handcuffs.

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