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He stood up from the couch and offered Riley his hand. Lucas never kept Riley out later than ten, especially on a school night.

She gladly placed it in hers and intertwined their fingers."Bye, kids, have fun! Riley and Lucas turned in the direction of the kitchen, where Topanga was chopping vegetables and Cory silently cursing himself over the amount of papers he had to go through."Have her home by ten thirty! New York City was a strange city, especially at night, and he knew some areas were not safe for people their age to be hanging out around so late."They're always back before then," Topanga pointed out."Bye!

Cory and Topanga entered the living room to greet their daughter's longtime boyfriend. Topanga was more vocal about this than Cory, though. He knew Riley's parents for years now, but he still felt intimidated by them. "I've been trying to for , and yet he's still here.""Huh, you've never admitted you liked me before," Lucas said.

Whenever Lucas was over at the Matthews's apartment, Topanga would be very catering to him, offering him food or offering to take him home when he would stay over late. Cory responded by groaning."He's stressed because of all the tests he has to grade," Topanga excused her husband's strange noise and patted Cory on the back. Thanks for asking.""Daddy, don't scare Lucas off," Auggie said, hugging Lucas's arm. "I'm flattered, sir.""I've liked you since you transferred to my class," Cory confessed to Lucas. If you've ever gotten the impression that I didn't like you, that's just my fatherly instincts kicking in.""You don't have to worry, I'm taking good care of her," Lucas replied."We know," Topanga answered with a smile.

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It's no secret that Riley and Lucas are in a relationship.

Riley chuckled and then turned to her boyfriend."Let's go, babe," Riley said."Yes, princess," Lucas answered.

On her lips she wore a light pink lip gloss that complemented her look.

Lucas had seen Riley dressed like this before, but still he couldn't help but stare."Took you long enough," Auggie remarked."Shut up, Auggie," Riley replied, walking over to the two boys on the couch.

Cory, on the other hand, had to play the overprotective father role to make sure that Lucas knew his boundaries when it came to Riley."Hi, Lucas," The two greeted in unison."Hi, Mr. "And I've liked you since Cory told me about you.""I would've thought that Riley would've told you about me first," Lucas remarked.

"You two are lovely parents, Riley's lucky to have you."Topanga smiled and gave Lucas a quick hug. The relationship he shared with her daughter was reminiscent of her relationship with Cory."And we're lucky Riley has you! "Riley and I are going to go out for dinner before we head to the movies.""Alright, just let me know if you want a glass of water or something," Topanga offered before going to the kitchen."I'm gonna continue grading tests," Cory said.

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