Super bowl ad gay dating site

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CBS is taking a Bret Favre-like beating for its handling of ad sales for the Super Bowl.

It launched last week and it reportedly has attracted 60,000 members.

Biderman stressed how Avid Life is now turning to plan B after the CBS rejection.

It plans to "execute its media plan" by courting networks in the coming weeks.

Man Crunch denies it’s a stunt, although there is some question as to whether the site even had the money to pay for the spot.

(The site claims it spent more than 0,000 to produce the ad and has raised some million from investors.) The cost of airing a 30-second spot during the Feb. The Eye drew the ire of women’s groups earlier in the week for taking the Tebow ad, which was paid for by Focus on the Family, a Christian group.

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