Spark plug dating guide

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Each set is tailored to the correct lead length and thickness in 5, 7or 8mm variants, for the exact make and model specified.NGK Ignition Coils From the world leader in Spark Plug and Ignition Lead technology comes a premium range of quality Ignition Coils.However, the spark plug is only as good as the wire that leads the electricity to its electrodes.

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NGK Resistor Caps The NGK range of resistor caps provide the perfect connection between your high tension lead and spark plug.

Product linkage to vehicles or equipment from this publication are considered under normal conditions of use, fitted by a professional.

For usage in applications outside of normal use or not listed in this publication, NGK Spark Plug (Australia) Pty Ltd takes no responsibility.

They are manufactured with advanced insulating material, and have exceptional long-life durability.

NGK Ignition Leads are packaged in sets, and include the coil-to-distributor when applicable.

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