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Here are 17 Crazy Secrets Behind Chad Michael Murray And Sophia Bush’s Brief Marriage. Murray himself talked about why he connected to the role. My mother left when I was a kid and felt I had the opportunity to bring the truth and reality to a story I don't think a lot of people may have the opportunity to bring the truth in and tell that story the way I see it through my eyes.” Bush, on the other hand, had to audition three times for the role of Brooke Davis. The WB show became a hit after its 2003 premiere, and Murray, as the brooding and sensitive Lucas, was immediately a fan favorite.

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After two years together, they married in 2005, but five months after their nuptials, they announced they were separating.

focuses on "what would become America’s first reality show, as ambitious astronauts and their families become instant celebrities in a competition that either will kill them or make them immortal in the quest to be a part of Project Mercury." Jake Mc Dorman plays Alan Shepard, "one of the best test pilots in Navy history, who is furiously competitive"; Joe Dempsie plays Lt.

Gordon Cooper, "the youngest of the seven who was selected to everyone’s surprise"; Patrick J. John Glenn, "a revered test pilot and committed family man with unwavering principles"; Aaron Staton plays Wally Schirra, "a competitive pilot with a gift for pulling pranks"; Michael Trotter plays Gus Grissom, "a no-nonsense test pilot who eventually becomes the second man in space"; Micah Stock plays Deke Slayton, "a taciturn but incredibly intelligent pilot and engineer"; and James Lafferty plays Scott Carpenter, "a soulful man who was dubbed 'The Poet' by the other astronauts." Production will kick off this fall in Cocoa Beach, Fla., for a 2020 global premiere on National Geographic.

“In addition to being elegant, we don’t want to be stuffy.

We’re going to keep it small and intimate.” Because we know how quickly the marriage dissolved one wonders during at least the year between the engagement and wedding if some red flags popped up.

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