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are games that allow the player to maintain a virtual girlfriend by keeping her happy and possibly getting to that “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am”.A gamer can choose, or is given, an avatar with which to pursue a romantic relationship.

For example, in some games a player can build up their Charm which increases their sex appeal.It can be very difficult to escape the friend zone. In order to have a successful conversation you have to know as much about the other person as possible as well as have similar interests. If not, your conversation will be more dead than Batman’s parents!Take a genuine interest in the person you are trying to pursue and after 3 – 4 successful dates, you might just hit a home run. One thing that’s common in most dating sims is gift giving. Gift giving in dating sims seems to be one of the main key aspects because it shows appreciation for the person you’re dating.Dating Sims show that you must be around the person you’re crushing on as much as humanly possible.You must be conjoined at the hip — well not really. You meet the same girls in limited locations, causing you to be around them more often.

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