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The USSR Volleyball Federation joined the FIVB in 1948, a year after the foundation of the international governing body.The following year they sent a team to compete in the first FIVB Men’s World Championship and have been dominating the international scene ever since, having won six World Championships, six World Cups and 14 European Championships.The VCIOM study found that 88 percent of the Russian population is in favour of the propaganda ban. There have been cases of anti-gay Russian vigilante groups luring users out to be attacked or in some cases killed.The law may not be on your side if you are attacked.If you’re LGBTQI, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it might be best to steer clear of Russia on your travels, given the country’s hardline stance on sexual orientations that aren’t heteronormative.

But you’ll need to practise discretion, vigilance and general commonsense while travelling in Russia.

A word of warning: when leaving gay bars, be aware of homophobic attacks.

It’s best not to hail a cab directly outside the venue.

A 2014 report by Human Rights Watch cautions that inaction by Russian law enforcement agencies has led to “widespread impunity for homophobic crimes”, with agencies not treating “even the most blatantly homophobic violence as hate crimes”.

Your best bet is sticking to the more tolerant cities of Moscow and St Petersburg where there are thriving gay scenes. UK expat “John” (not his real name) tells that "Moscow is the gayest city I've ever been in...

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