Romeo dating

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Besides his six feet and one-inch height and 150 pounds weight, Romeo's other discerning physical attribute includes his fresh haircut.

Have you ever considered getting yourself a fine man for fucking alone?

crooner has always maintained an image of a recluse -- well, atleast in the dating front.

For all his fans may care, he could even be engaged to his longtime mystery girlfriend.

Talking about stats, Planet Romeo has over ten million users (I never knew there are as many gay people in the world), you can start a chat with different people anytime and anywhere.

Planet Romeo makes hook-ups easier by offering you the IOS or Android app.

It is still unclear if the two women are the same, or different personalities.

This website helps you to connect with other gay people down for sex or relationships near you.

As it says on the website “Beauty, sex, love, friendship and a very rich history all contribute to gay life”, Planet Romeo is here to offer you a chance to meet new people you can share trends, art, fashion, secrets and maybe “cocks” with.

On Planet Romeo, there are DETAILED profiles of guys you can hook up with (so that you’ll not fuck a psychopath).

You can also share your favorite hardcore gay porn on this page too...

I won’t go without mentioning the “cruise” feature of Planet Romeo. With this feature, you can see who has been viewing your profile and also the number of times they’ve visited (you can start a flirty chat by messaging them first).

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