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For someone looking to experience Reykjavik by night, Pablo Discobar is a great pick.This place is obviously inspired by Latin and Disco culture but with a splash of Hawaii and some sparkles from the ’70s and ’80s.And another advantage of its cute size is that your bed should just be a stroll away from your watering hole of choice – no waiting for public transport, jostling for taxis or crowding into late night buses and trains!Entrance fees and dress codes are rare (aim for informal, but chic).Its rough interior might not be welcoming at first but once you sit down and start enjoying their beer you’ll start to appreciate their philosophy and focus: quality over glam.A stop any beer lover visiting bars in Reykjavík should make.These colorful mixes are in every way amazing; look, texture, flavor, richness, realness and I could go on an on. Fluorescent lighting, furniture in pastel colors, palms, pelican birds and an occasional boob lamp (yes, I said boob lamp).

The bar has a strong focus on the rewarded Borg Brewery, a local favorite but mix into the menu some rare find from all over the world.

They do collaborations with Icelandic breweries as well as international ones, which are a welcomed blend into their menu of famous Brewdog beers.

Brew Dog Reykjavik has fantastic food options and can even cater to Vegans and the Gluten-Free both in drinks and dishes. Its range of local and international beers is vast, but they do offer 5 or 10-beer samplers if you don’t know where to start.

Located in the same building as the Nameless Pizza Place this cozy charming old house has everything you might want – yummy food and a wide selection of delicious ales and brews.

The restaurant being on the first floor and the bar on the second.

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