Recent sex chats between girl nd boy example

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She has seen the fundamental issues in the corporate world, where women and men are not receiving equal pay.She doesn't cheer on the businesses that don't see women and men as equivalents.Let’s try to understand the phenomenon of gender inequality and search for some solutions.‘Gender’ is a socio-cultural term referring socially defined roles and behaviors assigned to ‘males’ and ‘females’ in a given society; whereas, the term ‘sex’ is a biological and physiological phenomenon which defines man and woman.In its social, historical and cultural aspects, gender is a function of power relationship between men and women where men are considered superior to women.She is confused by the women who claim to be "fighting for women," because sometimes they make her feel bad for expressing her ladyhood in a different way than them.Just because she isn't a feminist does not mean that she is cool with the gruesome reality that 1 in 5 women are sexually abused.Like maybe she wants to wear a bra because it makes her feel better.Maybe she wears a bra because it is the normal things to do... Maybe she wants to put wear a lacy bra and pretty makeup to feel girly on .a date night.

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While she knows the "I don't have to wear a bra for society" trend isn't a new one, but she doesn't quite get it.The root cause of gender inequality in Indian society lies in its patriarchy system.According to the famous sociologists Sylvia Walby, patriarchy is “a system of social structure and practices in which men dominate, oppress and exploit women”.Though our religious beliefs make women a goddess but we fail to recognize her as a human being first; we worship goddesses but we exploit girls.We are a society of people with double-standards as far as our attitude towards women is concerned; our thoughts and preaching are different than our actions.

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