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Human psychology and behaviour can never be put in categories.

Each mind works differently and its outer expressions varies too, however, the only way to break the curse of a failed pattern is to try something different.

We sometimes tend to ignore the actual beliefs, thoughts and/or lifestyle of a person while making a choice just because the relationship seems to fit one of the cliches.

Power couples don’t always work well Both the men and women in our generation have high career goals.

There are no guaranteed methods to successful relationships but understanding our own patterns and behaviour can help us in finding the right person beyond our prejudices.

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There could be multiple social and personal biases at play that lead us to that choice.We always hope for the best and yet time and again, sooner or later, we find ourselves at a junction where we get confused as to why we even liked the person in the first place or how did it all become so bitter?Failures keep piling up and we keep our sanity by finding excuses or reasons in others, to justify those failures.A lot of times, more than average looks can create an illusion of superiotity.Subconsciously, we choose our companions based on the way we are treated in our social circles.

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