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For example, just a few clicks connects a flowchart Start/End shape to a new Process shape.If the shape you want to add isn’t on the mini toolbar, you can drag the shape you want from the Shapes window and drop it on a blue arrow.The new shape is connected to the first shape as if you had clicked it on the mini toolbar.Use the Auto Connect arrows also to connect two shapes already in your drawing.That original is called a You can add data to each shape by typing it in the Shape Data window – on the View tab, in the Show group, click Task Panes, and then click Shape Data.With Visio Professional Edition, you can also import data from an external data source. To see the data for an individual shape, open the Shape Data window at Data Shape Data Window, then select the shape.If you want to display the data for lots of shapes at once, you can use a feature called data graphics, also on the Data tab.

You can also expand the title bar area by dragging the bottom divider bar down, so all the title bars are visible.When you drag a shape from a stencil onto your drawing page, the original shape remains on the stencil. The shape that you put on your drawing is a copy — also called an instance — of that master.From most Visio stencils, you can drag as many instances of the same shape onto your drawing as you want.To create your diagram, drag shapes from the stencil onto the blank page and connect them to one another.There are several ways to connect shapes, but for now use Auto Connect.

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