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Spiderbaby released a statement on Twitter, admitting to the act.“My first interview for Fangoria was with exploitation superstar Lynn Lowry.

I loved chatting with her so much, and exploitation films have always been of special interest to me since my university days.

She is also making headlines this week for stealing other people’s work and claiming it as her own. On July 13, 2013, it came to light that Lianne is a serial plagiarizer after multiple bloggers made posts about her ripping off their work.

Mary Ann Johanson, the writer of the blog made a post outlining exactly what was copied from her site by Spiderbaby.

Tarantino's films double as tributes to the movies where he found inspiration; martial arts epics (Kill Bill), war films (Inglourious Basterds) and westerns (Django Unchained), but it's different with his ninth film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; he says he'll retire from filmmaking after 10.

The adoration is present but it's a letter of resignation to cinema.

Just because someone is good at something doesn’t mean they have to do it forever.

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t owe us anything and it would be cool to see what creative endeavors he tackles next.

So I guess Tarantino fans should all just say they don’t like the movie, regardless of how they really feel?Hippies are hitchhiking on every corner Dalton and Booth pass on their commute.In a confrontation with cult members, Dalton calls them a bunch of "Dennis Hoppers", a reference to Easy Rider, the film Hopper directed that's credited as a marker for the beginning of the new Hollywood era of the 1970s.Tarantino’s ninth film could be his last one or we could still be in store for one more. It’s in many ways the culmination of his career, a wildly star-studded film about the movie industry, set during a time that shaped the director and the closest in his oeuvre to his breakout is received, as Quentin Tarantino told GQ.The idea behind Quentin Tarantino’s goal of ending his filmmaking career at 10 movies has been about his desire to not overstay his welcome and to leave audiences wanting more with an unblemished 10-movie filmography.

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