Paget brewster dating history

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Her mother, Maria João, is a former "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit model from Brazil. According to, Jordana Brewster and Paget Brewster "are descended from William [Brewster]'s sons Love (Paget) and Jonathan (Jordana). "When I signed for As the World Turns (1956) [in 1996, a three-year stint beginning when she was 15], I had to promise my mom that it wouldn't hurt my grades and my dad that I would go to college. I had to go to CBS at 7 a.m., so I didn't have any time to fool around".

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Family: Her father, Alden Brewster, is an American-born investment banker, and has English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry (he is a descendant of Mayflower passenger William Brewster).

Her paternal grandfather was Kingman Brewster, Jr., former President of Yale University and an ambassador to Great Britain.

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