Outlook 2016 updating cached headers imap

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Outlook 2013 added a new feature, Sync Slider, that limits the amount of mail synced with Outlook, in an effort to limit the size of the offline cache file used by Exchange or IMAP mailboxes.In Outlook 2013, only the account mailbox is affected by the sync slider, the setting does not apply to shared or delegated mailboxes.Users may experience a slight delay in viewing messages in the preview pane when “Download Headers Only” is enabled because Outlook has to download the rest of the message when it is selected.If messages are show to appear in the preview pane or when viewing, try disabling “Download headers only.” Please see the Outlook Connector for MDaemon – Guidelines page at com for more information on getting the best performance out of Outlook Connector.Outlook’s performance is affected by many things, including the amount of data it has to keep track of, any add-ons that are installed, how often it checks for new mail (checking more frequently can improve performance), and various other factors.Whether you use POP, IMAP, Active Sync or Outlook Connector, you can perform various tasks to improve Outlook’s performance.This is the slider in Account Settings that lets you keep a few weeks or months of messages synced to the computer.This setting is in the Outlook 2013 Group Policy templates and stored in the registry.

Outlook 2016 applies the sync setting to shared or delegate folders and mailboxes, and public folders that are cached.

You can also disable caching Public Folder Favorites or Shared folders in Account Settings Note that the non-mail folders and the Outbox are exempt from Sync Slider setting.

From our EMO mailbag: administrator had a question about the Sync Slider setting in Outlook 2013.

In Outlook 2016, the sync slider also limits the age of mail sync in shared mailboxes that are cached.

To check the sync settings, open File, Account Settings dialog and double click on the email account.

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