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Now, when you choose these “good things,” there’s two ways.

One is to use universally accepted good things, like “vacation” or “finding money” or “free stuff.” A much better way is to find “good things” that are important to her.

This will leave her hanging, and totally kill any desire for her eyes or mind to wander.

Do this a couple times, and she’ll literally be transfixed by you and your stories.

There are basically two types of seduction patterns, completely large patterns that are memorized, and are recited much the way a stand up comic would give the same routine to different audiences, sounding spontaneous and “in the moment” each and every time, then there are seduction patterns that are based on “fragments” that you kind of build together in the moment.

Let’s think about each type of seduction patterns, and how it affects the girl you’re talking to, before we get knee deep into details.

CONVERSATION THREADINGWomen use conversation to bond. That’s why you’ll see women on the phone with each other for literally hours.

She’ll pick it up on a subconscious level, and start to actually think about doing it. Pick one side of your body for “good,” and another side for “not good.” And simply gesture on one side whenever saying “good things” and gesture on the other side of your body when saying “not good things.” Do this for a while, so she’s “trained,” and then start using your “good” anchors whenever you drop in a command.

So when you say that phone number line from above, when you get to the part where you say, “give me your phone number” you automatically fire off the “good” anchor.

Simply get her talking about something she likes, and pay attention when she says certain things in a way that indicates she really likes it.

Like her eyes light up when she says it, or her faces gets really bright and excited. Use all of these techniques within the nested loop structure, based on your own history and experiences, so you come across as totally congruent.

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