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When you have the option of playing games, not everything is about talking, and it gives the perfect chance to check out how competitive you both are!

If you are looking for niche disabled dating like for deaf dating or wheelchair dating, we recommend Deaf Dating Club and Wheelchair Dating Club.

From guys like me (with severe learning disabilities), to people with amputated limbs and wheelchair requirements, there are...

A friend had heard of another friend using Disability and recommended it to me after yet another series of failed dates that didn’t live up to standards enough to get a call-back. I always feel a website title with misspelt words is just a recipe for disaster so I’ll be honest, I didn’t set my expectations too high when I first took a peek at Dating4 I’ve previously mentioned my disliking of website names that aren’t spelt right, and I’ll say it again – it’s just a little off-putting. And if Disabled Dating4uk can’t get the website name right, how are... It is meant to be part of a circle of 250 niche dating sites with 12,000 Facebook likes. I’m sorry to keep bringing it up but it really bugs me.

Despite what the name suggests, Amputee Dating covers a wide range of subjects in the world of disabled dating, so don’t be put off by the name.

No woman is exempt from questionable openers on dating apps, but in my experience it seems that many men take it as some kind of bonus round when they stumble across a woman with a visible disability, like myself.

I’m 29, and I differ slightly from the majority of my friends in that I'm an electric wheelchair user.

There are some more in-depth disabled dating sites out there; ones that offer agency-style services where you meet up with the organisation, and are matched up with potential partners based on what a REAL person thinks, rather than what a computer puts together.

With such a delicate subject as disabled dating, sometimes that little personal touch can make all the difference.

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