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‘Baby’ as a pet name is one of those things that makes sense as long as you don’t think about it too much, like sausage meat, or the plot of Terminator. This term of endearment conjures images of wholesome evenings at home together, walks through springtime woods hand in hand, picnics in the meadow, and building a loving, mutually supportive life together…

Sure, dubbing him ‘tiger’ will make your man feel cool, (who doesn’t want to be made synonymous with the king of the jungle?

Intimate and cutesy, while at the same time so commonplace as to not be cringe-inducing, ‘babe’ is the Swiss army knife of pet names. Thus concludes our guide to cute names to call your boyfriend.

If your boyfriend is Danny Zuko and you are Sandy Olsson, go right ahead. If you have browsed the above and remain unimpressed, we have one last suggestion. The best nicknames aren’t plucked arbitrarily from a list, but are gained through shared memories.

Show less Okay, here’s the scene…You’re in a cool nightclub or bar and you see a hot guy coming toward you. Do you call him from your cell phone while he’s in the men’s room? Do you call him that night and tell him how much you enjoyed talking to him? Do you wait and call him first thing in the morning? You are on cloud nine and you feel in your heart he might feel the same way.

A real man, a man who is interested in you, will ask you for YOUR number and not play head games with you, especially after you’ve had a few drinks. here’s the scene: You’ve just had the most romantic and wonderful first date of your life.

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