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For looks, use the cuirass of your city, with Steel (you could even use the Crusader's) Gauntlets, Greaves and Boots.

If you're a guard of the Imperial City and are on the console use the Imperial Legion armor with no helm; If you're on the PC, get the Imperial Watch armor, only used by Captains of the Watch (Palace Guards also use it), with no helm. Better if a manor, like Rosethorn Hall or Arborwatch, since a Captain always earns more than a regular guard.

If you live in the IC, the Waterfront Shack isn't that great for you, so you should probably live in the "Guard House", a house in the Elven Gardens District, you can live there (has 4 or 5 beds in the Quarters), you can train there, since the basement is equipped for that.

Put trophies up on display: Rosethorn Hall is good for this.

Raise the Disposition of your fellow guards as high as they can go.

Bribes aren't actually bribes: consider yourself the new barracks paymaster.

For example, a Skingrad player can have some lingering suspicions about Raynil Dralas' "vampire" story about Gelebourne, and decide to follow up the case by pursuing Raynil Drelas to Bruma. Wondering just where the crafty criminal disappeared to, you hear rumors that a famous painter here has gone missing...

If you are able to, use a frenzy spell on a beggar or commoner and act as if the frenzied target is part of a riot or an uprising.

Help the citizens of your town out with their problems.

If you can unlock that door unseen by other guards or use an unlocking spell, you can enter and leave the barracks without incurring a fine.

Being seen in Leyawiin's barracks, unfortunately, will count as trespassing. Entering the one within the city (near the Dockside gate) is trespassing, but the barracks inside the castle is open to the public.

Do not loot a guards corpse, but leave them so they look in death as they may have done in life.

Your duty is to defend the residents of your town, but also you should defend your count or countess.

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