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Seriously, they come in with new material every other week. AE: Where do those awesomely tripled outfits come from?

Jessica: Maybe someday we will have our outfits custom-made by Tina Knowles, but for now I buy them from the many wonderful cheap clothing store in NYC. The matching outfits are part of our campiness — I love to dress up, tease my hair, and wear lots of make-up onstage.

One other aspect of our fan base that I love is how mixed it is the only group more excited about the “Pantsuit” lyrics — “Get your dyke on, be an icon, you’ll look super cute / there’s no glass ceiling when you’re dealing with a power suit” — than the lesbians is my mom and her lady friends.

Jessica: Well, I met my partner at one of my solo shows (pre-Ménage) 10 years ago, so that was a pretty serious groupie score. Rachel: For a while, I was the only single one in the band.

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Automobiles, cell phone calls, what it feels like to be a honey makin’ money: these are the concerns we all face! Also, they’re a trio known for their amazing vocal harmonies and fabulous matching outfits — though, alas, we lack the talents of Tina Knowles, costumer extraordinaire.I knew I wanted “Day Job” to be more ” blue-eyed soul.” I wanted “Baby” to have a kind of blues structure, etc.Then I bring the songs in to rehearsals and Rach comes up with fabulous harmonies.Emily: The shirt isn’t in rotation, but it does have a place in my heart (and in my PJ drawer), and I do bust it out at the Dyke March whenever I can.Its sentiments should be in a song, though they aren’t yet connected to one.

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