Mandating physical education classes in schools k 12

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For purposes of this subdivision, an "elective course" is a course other than English, mathematics, science, or social studies” (“Assignments approved by the committee on assignments shall be for a maximum of one school year, but may be extended by action of the committee upon application by the schoolsite administrator and the affected teacher.All initial assignments or extensions shall be approved prior to the assignment or extension.Physical activity is any bodily movement that is produced by the contraction of skeletal muscle and that substantially increases energy expenditure, including exercise, sport, dance, and other movement forms.PE programs, recess periods, intramural sports programs, and athletic programs involve physical activity, but each serves a different purpose.“The holder of a credential authorizing instruction in a self-contained classroom may teach in any of grades 5 to 8, inclusive, in a middle school, provided that he or she teaches two or more subjects for two or more periods per day to the same group of pupils, and, in addition, may teach any of the subjects he or she already is teaching to a separate group of pupils at the same grade level as those pupils he or she already is teaching for an additional period or periods, provided that the additional period or periods do not exceed one-half of the teacher's total assignment” (“"Single subject instruction" means the practice of assignment of teachers and students to specified subject matter courses, as is commonly practiced in California high schools and most California junior high schools.The holder of a single subject teaching credential or a standard secondary credential or a special secondary teaching credential, as defined in this subdivision, who has completed 20 semester hours of coursework or 10 semester hours of upper division or graduate coursework approved by the commission at an accredited institution in any subject commonly taught in grades 7 to 12, inclusive, other than the subject for which he or she is already certificated to teach, shall be eligible to have this subject appear on the credential as an authorization to teach this subject” ( sections 44256 through 44258.7.

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It is the component that addresses each student’s fundamental need for planned, sequential instruction that promotes lifelong physical activity and attitudes and behaviors that reduce health risks.are often used interchangeably, but they differ in important ways.Understanding the differences between the two is critical to understanding why both contribute to the development of healthy and active youths.The PE model content standards adopted by the State Board of Education involve five overarching standards in kindergarten through grade eight and three overarching standards in grades 9 through 12, including eight required content areas that provide a developmentally appropriate, standards-based sequence of instruction.PE instruction provides students with essential skills and knowledge through a broadly-based curriculum that is age-appropriate and links learning experiences in a sequential and articulated manner.

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