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Rebecca Sugar also states that Lars and Lion age very slowly due to their slow heartbeats. They were often seen at Beach City events and gatherings together, as seen in "Tiger Millionaire" and at the end of "Steven and the Stevens".Sadie has a crush on Lars since long before the events of "Island Adventure", but he has never been aware of it.He convinced Steven to go back to Earth as a way to repay him for always trying to help him and to be someone who deserved Steven's help.When Steven returned to Earth, Lars became very close with the Off Colors during their travels in an attempt to return to Earth.In the pilot episode, Lars wore a cyan shirt with a salmon collar and black trousers.Before getting abducted Lars wore a black shirt with a sea green skull, army blue pants, and black and white sneakers.Sadie has mentioned that Lars has tendencies to turn up late to work and clock out early, as shown in "Lion 3: Straight to Video".Through the course of the Wanted event, Lars begins showing a more determined side, sick of constantly being helped by Steven.

During the events of "I Am My Mom" and "Stuck Together", Lars reveals that he feels like a "wuss" and doesn't understand why Steven thinks that he is capable of doing anything. It is for these reasons of low self-esteem that Lars puts on his facade in the first place.Laramie Barriga, better known simply as Lars, is a resident of Beach City and a former employee at the Big Donut along with Sadie. Lars was previously a normal human, before his abduction to the Gem Homeworld, where he died and was resurrected by Steven's healing powers.As a result of his revival, Lars was turned pink and given his own set of magical gem-like abilities.Over time, Lars grew into a leadership role and became captain of the Off Colors; this new position allowed Lars to have a major self-esteem boost, because when Steven reunited with Lars in "Lars of the Stars", Lars was much more brave, courageous, and cunning when leading his crew to battle against Emerald. Even though Lars has experienced so much from his time in space, he continues to retain his feelings of jealousy when seeing Sadie hangout with the Cool Kids, who he believes should be him.Although a new side to Lars has opened up, this fact may still imply that Lars suffers from self-esteem issues and loneliness.

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