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For example, some research has shown there to be a 30-40% virginity rate among college students.

Yet, most students would likely comment that they don't know of any other students who are still virgins.2.

Rather than running away and trying to avoid the secular college campus, Christians should be embracing the opportunities to reach people with the transforming Christ.

I also found great pity for those participating in the hookup scene, who think to find satisfaction there.

Once students graduate, they tend to return to a more traditional dating style of relationships.

Hooking up is generally viewed as temporary and even somewhat immature (one student mentioned in an interview that he would never, ever have a long-term relationship with a woman who had sex with him on the first date).

Whether it is an expression of postfeminist independence or a form of youthful rebellion, hooking up has become the only game in town on many campuses. Bogle argues that college life itself promotes casual relationships among students on campus.

Most students aren't really participating in the hooking up scen This is a very interesting study about how college students do relationships on campus.

Most students aren't really participating in the hooking up scene on campus.

Bogle bases her research in personal interviews with 76 students on two campuses.

This gives her research a very personal and anecdotal touch.

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