Joe cheng and rainie yang dating

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Third, I love creating rich backstories, and after writing this one, I really want to see Jang Dong Gun and Jeon Ji Hyun work together. When tragedy befalls their little family, the boys are parted from their parents, and the youngest is separated from his brothers. Follow the now-grown boys on their sometimes amusing, often heart-tugging, ultimately heartwarming, life-changing journey of growth and maturity, forgiveness and love. He gave Li Na everything she wanted and raised her preciously.

~ kfangurl Choi Li Na (Jeon Ji Hyun), 22, is the daughter of a rich family in the entertainment business that owns the new K-Now Television Studio. Choi Chun Ho (Jung In Ki) is the heir to K-Now and carries a grudge against his sister Li Na. Chun Ho is jealous that Li Na does whatever she wants while he is under all the pressure.

Dasan sends them away to live with his sister in Seoul.

The Choi family has a big dinner and Chun Ho reveals Li Na’s love affair with a “water rat.” Li Na is furious, but doesn’t deny it.

She is shocked and happy but scolds him for making her wait so long. Their romance blossoms in a loving and playful montage of long beach and surf walks, fishing, and cooking together (she can make ramyun… For her first kiss he teases her – the bigger the catch, the bigger the kiss. They argue because he wants to come clean and meet her father and brother – but she refuses.

She only catches a tiny fish but his kiss is big as the ocean. He is hurt and believes that she is ashamed of him.

He serves it to the cast and crew as a gift from Li Na.

He refuses and tells her she is worth far more than money. She even scares away his customers by loudly complaining about the quality of his fish.

They argue and she forcibly shoves the money envelope into his hand. Then I’m a paying customer and I want one of everything.” A bit of skinship turns into an electrifying scene as he grips her wrists and pulls her to his chest. This is purely business.” He plucks the envelope from her hand and gives her a little smirk. She tells him to give the fish to the poor, then leaves him her card and runs away.

Youn Dasan (Jang Dong Gun), 24, is the eldest son and cares for his mother and sick grandmother. His father was a fisherman but died when Dasan was a teen.

He’d taught Dasan everything about fish, but Dasan’s real passion is cooking.

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