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DMX and Aaliyah became friends, the only reason people made the assumption they were dating was because of the chemistry they were able to create in the "Back In One Piece" video.But they remained good friends from that point on until her death, and he was pretty torn up during the news of her death spreading around.They had met when Aaliyah returned to her birthplace of New York and was at a party.

He was already happily married with kids when he had even met Aaliyah.The grief-stricken family - her parents, Diane and Michael Haughton, and her brother, Rashad - walked somberly behind the hearse and clutched each other for support.Many other famous faces joined the 1, invited guests who crowded the church, while more than 1, fans stood outside.They began dating around the mid-2000's and were planning to marry in 2002.But unfortunately, Aaliyah was killed after wrapping up production for her final music video "Rock The Boat" in the Bahamas on August 25, 2001.

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