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It is thought that the religion of the civilisation was a form of fire-worship that later developed into Zoroastrianism, the official religion of the Persian Empire.He claimed that cannabis (along with opium and ephedra, other entheogenic plants indigenous to the region) was used to make an intoxicating beverage, known as According to Sarianidi, three ceramic bowls with traces of cannabis and ephedra were discovered, as well as a basin containing a considerable quantity of cannabis, and several items apparently used for extracting and straining the juices from the plants.

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Furthermore, crosses of modern that is still found in the region of the excavations have produced varieties thought similar to the dominant ancient phenotype; some of these varieties are notable for their exceptionally small seeds.

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Preserved pottery remains have been reported to exhibit impressions made by hemp seeds, but this conclusion has been disputed, and there is no definitive evidence of cannabis use at this time.

Documented history began in earnest during the latter part of the 2nd millennium BCE, as Scythians and related Indo-European horse tribes from the northern steppes began to populate the area.

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