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This caused Fox to remove his character from the final two episodes.

Jamal had shown signs of being effeminate when he was a child, and was thrown in the trash by his father, who did not want a son like that.

Jamal had released a self-titled album nearly ten years ago, at age 18, however it did not have wide commercial success outside of Williamsburg or Berkeley.

Lucious puts Jamal in a trash can until Cookie stops him. Jamal helps Hakeem with his music after struggling to record songs that Lucious wrote for him, but when Lucious doesn't acknowledge him for it, Jamal decides to accept Cookie's plan to manage him and make him a star.

His song describes his estranged relationship with Lucious, feeling distant and that he tries to live up to his standards. While Jamal decides to hire Cookie as his manager, Cookie convinces him to perform his latest song at Laviticus, the location where Hakeem is slated to perform.

Jamal Lyon was a main character in the television series, Empire.

He was one of the sons of Lucious and Cookie Lyon, the half-brother of Jeffery Kingsley, the brother of Andre and Hakeem Lyon, the ex-husband of Olivia Lyon and the uncle of Bella and Prince Lyon.

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