Is mandating health coverage legal

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This is especially true if they had no assets that would be at risk if an emergency caused them to be treated without insurance at a hospital.“What [the architects of the law] didn’t account for was the behavior of the target population,” he said.

For now, Republican congressional efforts to further dismantle the law – beyond their mauling of the mandate – are dead in the water for at least the next two years, with Democrats taking back the House.

Back in 2012, the Supreme Court upheld Obama Care’s individual mandate, ruling that the government could require the purchase of health insurance under its taxing power. The Affordable Care Act remains in place pending appeal as the law’s defenders vow to preserve it.

Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi blasted the ruling as “absurd.” The case eventually could come before the Supreme Court.

That included 5 million fewer people on Medicaid – even though the program is free to enrollees.

But Cynthia Cox, director of the program for the study of health reform and private insurance at the Kaiser Family Foundation, said polling conducted by her organization indicates many people were not even aware of the penalty.“The mandate is only as effective as people know about it. To me, that just seems like a lack of information,” she said. People filing their tax returns in April will have to pay the greater of 2.5 percent of household income or 5 per adult and 7.50 per child if they did not have health insurance for the entirety of 2018.

That is far less than the cost of coverage for many people, though.

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When the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) (otherwise known as Obamacare) individual mandate took effect in 2014, so did the penalty for going without health insurance. Plans include a range of benefits to help pay for catastrophic medical expenses and you can apply anytime during the year.

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