Internet dating jargon

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This software can be password protected, which stops the PC from starting up.Bit The basic binary unit of data, representing 0 or 1.An attacker may exploit this vulnerability to take over a system. Byte A unit or measure of computer memory, usually consisting of eight binary digits (bits) processed together; usually enough to store a single letter or digit.Back to the top Certificate An encrypted file containing user or server identification information, which is used to verify a website owner’s identity and to help establish a security-enhanced link.Client An application or system that accesses a service made available by a server – generally refers to a personal computer on a network. Cloud computing The delivery of storage and computing capacity to end users via the internet.Commonly used for backing up data and hosting applications.Biometric Using body measurements, such as fingerprints and irises, as a means of authentication.BIOS password The BIOS software is built into the PC, and is the first software run by a PC when powered up.

Bandwidth The speed at which a network can transmit data – typically used to describe speed of internet connections.

Authentication The process for verifying that someone or something is who or what it claims to be.

In private and public computer networks (including the internet), authentication is generally done with passwords.

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