Impregnation breeding dating

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Is it to breed performance, show or pleasure horses?Horse embryos are not more fragile than other species; it’s primarily that horses in general have poor reproductive performance (ability to maintain a conceptus). Stress, fever, uterine infections, hormone abnormalities and twins can all cause a mare to spontaneously abort.

Ascarid larvae can be passed in the milk so the mare should be dewormed with a product containing ivermectin.

Ascarid impaction was a common cause of colic and death in foals before the use of ivermectin became common.

Neonatal Isoerythrolysis (NI) screens are done within two weeks of foaling.

If the mare does recognize the presence of the embryo, then the embryo will attach itself to the wall of the uterus on or about Day 17.

Your veterinarian can perform transrectal ultrasound as soon as Day 26 of gestation to visualize a heartbeat and confirm fetal viability.

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