How to be safe on dating sites

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After all, we understand the Key Issues and Frustrations that everyone faces with Online Dating Sites and Online Dating Apps.

You’d meet a potential suitor by happenstance (or be introduced by a friend), then exchange numbers and talk on the phone. And if that meetup was successful, you’d plan another date. While there are still some people who can brag about a meet-cute at a dog park, the rise in online dating has turned traditional courtship on its end.

Simply state upfront what you want in a Suitor/Date, and whether you want Casual Dating, Serious Relationship, Open Relationship, Make Friends, Network or Travel Companion.

Whilst Conventional Dating remains, Modern Dating is multi-faceted and continuously evolving.

If I could do it, you know that scammers are doing it.

So be safe and avoid sharing bits of the puzzle that others can put together. You might meet someone who you are interested in who asks for more information to do a background check on you.

It’s also important not to brag about what you have. No matter how flattering they are, or how much they have worked you over, don’t give them that information.

The more you brag about material things, the more you will draw in people who are only looking for material things. A background check requires some personal information, and it may just be their back door into your life so they can take your identity or your money.

And, then it’s just a matter of putting that information into Google maps to see where I need to be to put whatever malicious plan I have into place.These people are few and far between on the site, but they can still be there so you need to be as safe as possible.Many millionaire dating sites ask you to disclose an approximate salary, but you don’t have to disclose exactly how wealthy you are if a member asks.Millionaire dating sites cater to a lot of millionaires who are looking for attractive partners.This means that some people will create fake profiles because they know that beautiful people are going to show interest in them. If you end up making a date with them, and they plan to kidnap you or trap you in some way, then you have put yourself in serious danger.

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