Headline feed not updating

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More views of your Profile will boost your chances of being contacted by recruiters and hiring managers at your target companies.[More in my article, Promote Your Personal Brand on Linked In with Hashtags.] You’ll probably want the greatest number of people to see your updates, so you should open the distribution as wide as Linked In allows.Once you start typing in an update box, a drop-down menu next to "Post Settings" will appear at the bottom of the box.Options include "Public," "Public Twitter," and "Connections." Selecting "Public" gives your update the most exposure because, as Linked In Help says, your post may appear on: In most cases, the Public option is the best choice.Additionally, you’ll be building brand evangelism for them. People search Linked In using relevant keywords and phrases to find people like you.

They’ll get an immediate indication of your personal brand and value proposition... If you do nothing to your headline, Linked In will put your most recent job title there.

The benefit here is that these people will be notified that you’ve mentioned them.

They are very likely to "like," "comment," or "share" your update, which builds personal brand evangelism and visibility for you.

As of this writing, you post an update by typing in the block that appears at the very top of the center column (shown below).

This activity may also be called "sharing an update," "an activity update," and "updating your status," among other things.

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