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Stakeholder priority can be expressed as a relationship between the stakeholder group’s influence or power and the interest the stakeholder takes in the relationship.(attribution: Copyright Rice University, Open Stax, under CC BY 4.0 license) On the supplier side, a small farmer or seasonal supplier could fall in the low-power, low-interest category, particularly if that farmer were selling various retailers produce from his or her fields.A stakeholder with a high level of both power and interest is a key stakeholder.If this type of stakeholder group encounters a problem, its priority rises.

What matters is establishing that someone is a stakeholder, that the concern is currently important, and that the relationship matters for the growth of the business.

It depends on particular stakeholders, of course, but we can safely say that all stakeholders expect a form of satisfaction from an organization.

If these stakeholders are shareholders (stockowners), then they generally wish to see a high return on their purchase of company shares.

Another way to prioritize stakeholder relationships is with a matrix of their power and interest.

As (Figure) shows, a stakeholder group can be weighted on the basis of its influence (or power) over and interest in its relationship to the firm.

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