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After clearance, the students can come in with zero experience and leave having made time-based, hybrid, new media, wet-lab, living arts pieces: transgenic embryo sculptures, GMO bacterial paintings and/or tissue cultured embryonic stem cell totemic fetish objects.

The difference between a technical scientific learning session and a Vivo-artistic laboratory approach is mostly qualitative.

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Zarestsky has co-habited during one week in a terrarium with E.invent an opportunity to share another glorious event with him somewhere on this planet before it implodes an online Q & A i had with him so that you can get to know him better.Let’s have a punk banquet of anatomy, a buffet of new senses, fancy new and multiple genital-orifice smorgasbords and the mad collage of multi-species brains.If we are to go this route, let’s not start by being monocultural, paternalistic snotbags with assumed distinction ruling over the aesthetics of betterment.

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