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It’s about who they are.” The only people who see your profile information are the people Lanie matches with you (these matches show up on your private page).Mass Match is a private service that gives singles peace of mind.Of course, she does give herself some wiggle room with the client’s criteria. I don’t even listen when they tell me they want a certain hair color,” she said, chuckling.“It’s never going to be about someone’s height or weight or anything like that.For 15 years, she’s heard her clients’ dating histories and watched them fall in love, so she has an informed perspective on what makes a relationship work.According to Lanie, it’s all about the four C’s — chemistry, communication, compatibility, and character.“I don’t have a staff or a cast of characters who come and go.I’m the only one who meets and matches people.” Lanie invites new clients to a one-hour introductory meeting, in a convenient location, and has an informal conversation with them. “I want to hear about their experiences in the past.” She asks in-depth questions so she can put together an attractive and accurate dating profile for them. Lanie matches her clients based on their parameters and her intuition.

She started Mass Match, a private dating service in Western Massachusetts, to bring a personalized touch to the matchmaking business.

“I don’t know how you do it,” she said as soon as she met Lanie in person. It work, but she loves having such a meaningful impact on a person’s life. In a relatively short time span, she watched the young woman in her office go from frustrated single to happily married mother.

“It really is hard to have everybody’s happiness on your shoulders,” Lanie reflected, “when you can only do what you can do.

One day, a spirited and educated young woman made an appointment with matchmaker Lanie Delphin.

She felt like she was at a loss in the dating world, so she had a lot of respect for matchmaking as a profession.

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