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If you are an existing sprint customer and own a device, please ","coverage Limited Coverage Text":"Our coverage is limited in your area.

Please review the coverage map to ensure our coverage will meet your needs.

And For Tablets, follow the same instructions given for Phones.See return details.","upgrade Step1Url":"/en/shop/upgrade-step-1.html","upgrade Step2Url":"/content/sprint/sprint_com/us/en/shop/upgrade-flex-step-2","lease Turn In Current Device Reminder Text":"We noticed your current device is the .","associate ID":"Associate ID","items Device Color Label":"Color","loan Give Back Body":"Send us your current in good working condition*.See return details.","wearable Error Text Label Unauth":"This item requires the addition of a phone or a tablet to complete this order.INTNAV=Cart:070319: Add Phone","link Url Add Watch":"/content/sprint/sprint_com/us/en/shop/smartwatch-wearable-tech.html? INTNAV=Cart:070319: Add Watch&flow=AAL","PACKAGE_PLAN_CHANGE_REQUIRED_AFTER_UPGRADE":"We’re sorry, but it looks like your new device won’t work on your current plan.You will need to change your plan upon activation of this device.

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