Female bodybuilders hookup

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Sally was and continues to be one of the most beloved and best known bodybuilders… A tragic injury ended Samantha Cerio’s 18-year gymnastics career on Friday night.

The student-athlete from Huntersville, North Carolina, 22, was competing at the NCAA Regional Semifinal in Baton Rouge as a senior on Auburn University’s… A Serbian cardiologist and left-leaning MP who also loves pumping iron has revealed an unlikely inspiration – Britain’s very own Iron Lady.

I know exactly the kind of bottom you are, or aspire to be or fantasize about being.

No offense, because on the plus side, fucking a guy like you has it's advantages in that you can take anything up your ass.

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OP has either a very small peen or discovered a rare bodybuilder top. I came out in the 80's just as AIDS came about and was too scared to get fucked by someone I'd just met, and now my bf of 20 yrs isn't all that interested in fucking me. I mean, I'm sure BB tops must exist outside of porn. And generally not just bottom, but want a little something extra in terms of being degraded, humiliated or some kind of bondage--even if it's something mild. Meanwhile, OP, speaking of which, every single one of your sex scenarios has that "ass pounded mercilessly" or "ass pounded into oblivion" line.Condoms are PROVEN to guard against HIV transmission.Moral of the story, quit bellyaching with all of your ill-informed puritanical BULLSHIT. And why do you feel compelled to vomit your pea brained thoughts on a gay board? Now watch him call me a "frau." Or a "prude." Or a "pearl-clutcher." Or a "sex negative." Or a "mincing prisspot." This guy is SO predictable. Then I gave up because it became my experience that those guys were after one thing. I like the feeling of being physically dominated and held down during sex. These types of guys typically aren't drawn to me, and they tend to gravitate toward each other.Most competition BB's are steroid freaks and extreme shrinkage of the dingaling is one of the side effects. I think the only newsflash here is that a competitive bodybuilder is topping.

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