Dropbox not updating on iphone

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If your intention is to collaborate within a workgroup and this happens, it can obviously be a significant source of frustration.

If you’re trying to convince a new group of people about how cool Dropbox is, this tends to get in the way of that outcome too!

If you get an email invitation to access a Dropbox , but you really wanted to dynamically share their folder, then your sender has got it wrong – don’t click on the link, all you’ll wind up with is a moment-in-time copy.

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All I want to do is move my files out of dropbox into my ordinary device storage.They will show up with exactly the same name, once under your ‘Sharing’ menu and once under your “Links” menu.You can delete the ‘link’ entries with impunity as they have no impact on the operation of the (truly) shared folder of the same name.It might also be nice to add in a few relevant warnings here and there (including in the email invitation for a link) to make it clear that the approach isn’t actually offering an update service for the files concerned.This so might other Dropbox users to avoid the head-scratching that I (and surely others) suffer from as a result of all of this.

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