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The digoxigenin-labeled probe hybridized to the D-genome chromosomes of wheat detected by orange fluorescence.The B-genome chromosome showed faint fluorescence as a result of cross-hybridization of the A- and D-genome probes.In addition to conventional chromosome markers, morphological differentiation may occur on the basis of the position of centromere (primary constriction), secondary constriction, relative arm ratio.Chromosome banding provide further linear differentiation of chromosomes, facilitating differentiation between the morphologically similar chromosome linkage groups within the karyotype.Yasuhiko Mukai with his group at the Osaka Kyoiku University, Osaka, Japan has developed a leading centre in the development of experimental protocol on finer aspects of chromosome and genome identification with breeding implications [Agronomically important genes of wheat are mostly unique or low copy sequences.The information about the exact physical location of agronomically important genes could be useful for a breeding program as well as understanding of the organization of cereal genomes.

Several karyomorphological arrangements elucidating karyotypic details have since been provided [].Physical position of these sequences was visualized as alternating fluorescent spots by multicolor locus having 15 copies of the gene.The findings based on Fiber FISH analysis support the contention that the ω-secalin genes are arranged in a head to tail fashion separated by 8 kb of spacer sequences with a total length of 145 kb [].On human chromosomes, single copy sequences as small as 1 kb could be routinely detected by the standard FISH technique.But in wheat it is difficult to locate even 10 kb sequences even when amplification of FISH signals is applied to improve efficiency and realize higher FISH resolution.

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