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Policy Against Retaliation University policy expressly prohibits retaliation against faculty, staff or students who in good faith make reports of violations of this policy.In addition, knowingly and intentionally making a false report of a violation of this policy is prohibited.Submissions in any genre(s)—poetry, sudden or flash fiction, short fiction, creative nonfiction, or excerpts from longer works—are all welcome.

The staff of these offices are available to provide information regarding options for pursuing a complaint as well as counseling and support.

• (students) Informal and Formal Complaint Resolution Resources The University also has resources available to respond to informal and formal complaints of sexual violence.

The staff of these resource offices will provide information regarding the process to be used in responding to the complaint, investigate the allegations and ensure that appropriate action is taken.

Introduction This policy, which prohibits behaviors that are more generally addressed by the University’s Sexual Harassment Policy, applies to faculty, students, staff and visitors to the University campus and facilities.

All forms of sexual violence, relationship violence, domestic violence and stalking and attempts to commit such acts, are considered to be serious misconduct and may result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion or termination of employment.

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